Kedibone Tsiloane


Kedibone Tsiloane

Ms Kedibone Tsiloane has a Finance & Auditor background, she works very closely with waste pickers who are mostly elderly women and unskilled youth. She taught them how to separate waste and increase its value. She is very passionate about empowering the community so that young people and women are self-sufficient and able to contribute towards the betterment of themselves, the economy while taking care of the environment.

Through her ambition and innovation, Kedibone has made a significant contribution towards climate change, impact awareness and ways in which young people can play their part in positively impacting our environment while creating a sustainable business. Kedibone and her sister started manually manufacturing conventional cement bricks at home in their mother’s yard after identifying the lack of women representation in the building material industry. The sisters however wanted to manufacture a brick that was different, innovative and environmentally friendly. Through bravery and problem-solving skills, she identified one undeniable global problem: Plastic Pollution. Her hard work and tenacity saw her begin prototyping the use of plastic in building material in 2015/16 and after many fails, in 2017 she eventually developed a brick she took to independent laboratories for quality and standard testing. Today she manufactures environmentally friendly bricks that are used in the construction industry, made from plastic waste and specific additives.

Catch her on the University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika TEDx stage this year.