/  Rianette Leibowitz

Rianette Leibowitz

Cyber Safety Change Agent, Brand South Africa PLAY YOUR PART AMBASSADOR, Founder of SaveTNet Cyber Safety and Author of a book on Digital Parenting. This Cyber Safety Change Agent has been sharing the cyber safety message on all platforms by creating awareness for responsible digital citizenship. Founded SaveTNet Cyber Safety after she heard of the shocking statistics of young people who commit suicide because of cyberbullying and has been the driving force behind SaveTNet, which offers help to cybercrime victims through a NETwork of relevant professionals. She is a thought leader in the cyber safety space and is a front runner also working on issues such as smart cities, eSports and Gaming. The Digital Parenting, released in March 2020, empowers parents to have cyber safety conversations and to ensure more responsible digital citizens. She is featured in the international documentary film titled “Public Figure”, and was featured at The Global Leadership Summit 2018.