Ruyaida Moosa


Ruyaida Moosa

Ruyaida Moosa is a 42 years old, married and mother to 3 children.
She is a Chartered Accountant (SA) who holds an H. Dipp Tax Law and a Master’s Degree (in a specialised niche area of Individuals and their Medical Taxes) who also holds a Senior Taxation Lecturer position in the Department of Taxation.

Ruyaida is married to her soul mate for 23 years and is a mother to their 3 gorgeous children. Ruyaida has always had to juggle her family life, career, student life, work-life, health and financial crisis, in addition to her responsibilities of being a wife, a mom and a proudly South African woman.

Ruyaida pursued her professional coaching qualifications after a life-defining moment and Ruyaida’ s burning passion in empowering women and coaching individuals to allow them to “unleash their inner hidden potential” has reached and touched the lives of many. As a Life Coach, she believes in solutions rather than the problem.

Ruyaida is currently, in addition to the many positions that she holds, a motivational guest speaker at several Women Platforms, including Book Launches and Senior Educators Platforms. Ruyaida is an NEC board member in a Women’s NGO and plays an active role as an empowerment life coach and a kid’s life coach in her own community. In addition, and above all her demands, the pro-bono work that she does gives her a lot of joy to know that she has been blessed with an opportunity (from God) to impart her knowledge to other women. Her mantra “empowered women to empower other women” …

She has always been passionate that “anything is possible” through hard work, commitment and an undying passion that “You can do it”. She empowers and is an epitome of women who can strive to have the best of both worlds….a beautiful family and a fulfilled career…..the core is BALANCE….to achieve work-life harmony.

Catch her on the University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika TEDx Stage this year.

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